A Bit About Us
Welcome to Eminence IT Solutions

Who are we?

This is the first blog post on Eminence IT Solutions new website. We are a digital agency with a strong software development background based on the Central Coast of NSW that currently services businesses from Sydney to Newcastle and open to all Australian based business opportunities.

Our primary business model is focused around consulting and developing web based solutions ranging from simple sites to get a business’s name out on to the web to E-Commerce platforms and booking sites.

We have worked extensively with WordPress and have worked with Shopify which we are looking to expand upon from both a consulting and an app development perspective in terms of business opportunities.

Our purpose is to deal with the complicated parts of technology so that you don’t have to. The internet is constantly evolving and it is hard to keep up with as a business owner. In the modern day we all recognise the need to be online and offer our services in a digital way. This almost always comes with challenges and that’s what Eminence is here for.  We will solve your unique technology problems so that you can focus on growing your business.

What to expect?

We are glad you asked! We are here for to listen to your problem, create a strategy and seamlessly implement a solution to help your business prosper. We are here to create a custom solution to suit the demands of your business.We understand a lot of people just need a bit of help with some new concepts and don’t necessarily need a fully managed solution.

Additionally, we want to engage with our community through blog posts and tutorials. So watch this space for tutorials and instructional content on how to install, configure and use some of our favourite tools including WordPress and Shopify along with hints and tips to enhance your online presence.

For the humble developer

We love software development. If you are the business owner that hates error codes and small writing on screens this is section is not for you. I give you a huge thanks for reading this far and I hope to hear from you on any projects you may need help with!

If that is not you and you love to build exciting, scalable and modern solutions I want to let you know that Eminence has something for you too!

We have experience in all sorts of languages, including but not limited to; NodeJS, Python, PHP, Java and C#. This combined with an appetite for cloud computing means we enjoy software, we enjoy building and we enjoy automating. Most of all we love learning and sharing!

Along with our plans for WordPress and Shopify tutorial blogs we intend to build a dedicated tech space for all things software. The comments section will be open, the repos will be public and the discussions will be productive! We can’t wait to see you there!

Let's Work Together!

We are a great choice for web development and software solutions because of our years of experience in the industry.