Let’s build a website

You need a website. You are reading about web servers and domains and SSLs and are thinking. What is website development? Where does the actual website come in? How do I build it and what should it look like or do?

What is a website?

A website is essentially a folder of code, and sometimes a database, that displays information in a defined layout and style to your end user. A website is a first and lasting impression on your current and your future customers. This is why website development is an important investment for your business.

Do I need to know how to code?

Honestly, no. Everybody can build their own website with the right tools in this day and age. However, knowledge of code, web standards and web engineering concepts will be hugely advantageous. Particularly if your site is going to entail any complex features. A developer is very skilled in all these areas, usually spending a few years at TAFE or University to learn and practice these concepts before using them in the real world. There is no harm in kicking off your build on your site and calling on a bit of help if you find yourself needing it though

Can I do this myself?

Yes you sure can. Check out our article on building a website to get a more in depth look on where to start. Remember, if you are learning all this from scratch, be patient. There will be new concepts and things to learn around every corner. If you ever get stuck though give us a call and we can help.

What do you charge?

Websites are impossible to set a single figure to. We offer free no obligation quotes on your web project after we have discussed your project with you. We are open to a staggered approach and welcome you to set a budget and we can break up the project into stages as you can afford it.

Have A Question?

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